1779B Danforth Ave, M4C 1J2, Toronto

About Us

It all started in 1991, when the parents of a big fat Greek family bought a restaurant in the heart of Greek town. You know the one, the one that had the most delicious homemade Greek food like no other, the one that employed and fed a family of ten throughout its existence, the one you could score great portions for great prices, the one called Zorba's Restaurant. For Demetra and Chris it's the place that started it all, it's where they learned the trade, it's where they met and where they celebrated but most of all it's where they developed the appetite for success (and amazing food). In starting their own small-to-medium fat Greek family, they decided they wanted to find a spot they could call their own and in 2013 they did just that and fittingly called it "Our Spot"
Our Spot in Kensington Market quickly took off attracting locals and those from afar with its delightful staff, tasty eats and generous portions. For Demetra and Chris it was a new beginning with new challenges and rewards, they relished in becoming a part of such a great community and growing with the support of their patrons.

In 2018, they decided to expand and sought out a second location closer to where it all began, they opened a takeout-only spot but quickly realized they preferred the space for seating and serving their fellow foodies. With that, Demetra and Chris found the right spot on Danforth in the fall of 2019, a space they can share with their staff and patrons and together call Our Spot once again.

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 
 9AM - 2PM
 9AM - 3PM
Saturday - Sunday 
 8AM - 3PM